Your German Adventure Awaits

Explore German cities, learn about local culture & cuisine and pick up new words effortlessly along the way.

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Dino lernt Deutsch

Make your first steps reading German short stories by following the adventures of Dino, a young man from Sicily traveling through various German cities and beyond. Learn about German culture, local quirks and customs, and learn the language effortlessly along the way.

👉 Quick Start Guide

What Level Are These Books?

This series is designed for beginner German learners starting around the A1/2 level. If you can 'understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases' this series will slowly ease you into reading and understanding connected sentences and enjoy simple but fun storytelling.

Do They Gradually Get More Difficult?

Yes. You'll find that the level gradually increases, building up vocabulary and frequently used expressions from various areas of relevance (e.g. personal and family information, shopping, cooking, employment, culture) which are successively utilized to form increasingly complex conversation topics, both concrete and abstract (gently leading up to ~B1/2).

Which Book Should I Read First?

For most learners we'd recommend to start with the first book Café in Berlin and slowly work yourself up from there. However, if it seems too easy, please feel free to skip ahead a few episodes and join the story at a point that suits your individual learning level. While the episodes are loosely connected in their overall narrative, each book tells a self-contained story.
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