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What is an Indie Publishing Pack?

Most of our publications are available as “Indie Publishing Packs”. Put simply it means that we offer each book in multiple formats so that whatever e-reader, computer or mobile device you want to read our books on, you’ve already got the right format. And you don’t even need to limit yourself to just one. There’s no DRM on these books, so you can copy them freely from device to device.

After all, it’s your book, so it should be up to you how you read it!

Each Indie Publishing Pack includes three formats: PDF, EPUB and MOBI. Here’s a brief overview:

 PDF: This well-known format is compatible with many devices and great for printing.
 MOBI: Put this file on your Kindle device or open it with your Kindle app!
 ePub: Own another e-reader or e-reading app? It will almost certainly read ePub files.

In short, no matter which device you’re on, you’ll always have the book in a compatible format.

Which payment options do you accept?

At the moment you can purchase our publications by credit card (through PayPal) or directly through your PayPal account. Maybe we’ll offer more payment providers in the future but at the moment this is the most convenient and secure solution.

How to transfer a book to your Kindle Device?

There are two ways to read the book on your Kindle.

1. Transfer via USB

This is the easiest solution. Simply connect your Kindle with your computer via USB, and copy the  MOBI file which you can find in your download to the DOCUMENTS folder on your Kindle.

When you are finished, safely remove your Kindle and you’ll find the book displayed on your Kindle under HOME.

2. Transfer via EMAIL

If you know the Email address of your Kindle device, simply mail the  MOBI file to your Kindle. Please make sure to add the email you are sending the file from to your Kindle Personal Document Settings page.

3. Send to Kindle

Probably the easiest and most convenient way to send  MOBI files to your various Kindle devices and apps is by using Amazon’s free Send to Kindle tool, available for Mac and PC.

How to read on iPad, Android, PC, Mac, Kobo, Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader

After you’ve purchased a copy of our books you’re free to choose where and in what format you want to read it. If you are not sure how to transfer the ebook, here are a few pointers to get you started:

Read On iPad or iPhone

Tapping the  EPUB file directly from your mobile browser you’ll be able to open it with Apple’s iBooks application or an alternative ereading app of your choice.

Alternatively, you can also download the  EPUB file onto your computer, connect your mobile device by cable, launch iTunes and drag the book from your desktop onto the iPhone or iPad’s icon in iTunes. It will automatically appear in your iBooks library.

Another way, if you have the Kindle App for iOS installed, is to just open the  MOBI file in the Kindle app.

If you have a big screen, you can also open the  PDF file directly from your tablet.

Read On Android Phone or Tablet

If you already have the Kindle App for Android installed, download the  MOBI file from your mobile device and move it to the Kindle folder by using a file manager. Once that is done, simply open your Kindle app and start reading.

If you don’t feel comfortable moving files around within the Android file system, connect your device to your computer via USB cable. Then navigate to the Android disk drive. Copy the  MOBI file to the Kindle folder on your Android device.

Alternatively, if your screen is big enough, you can also simply tap the  PDF file and start reading right away.

Read On PC

If you have Kindle for PC installed, double click on the  MOBI file. It should open automatically. You can also open the  EPUB file in Adobe Digital Editions for PC or simply read the  PDF in your browser or Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Read On Mac

If you have Kindle for Mac installed, you can open the  MOBI file in Kindle for Mac. Alternatively, you can also open the  EPUB in Adobe Digital Editions for Mac or simply read the  PDF in your browser or Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Read on Kobo

Connect your Kobo with your computer. Drag the  EPUB file to the Kobo disk drive home directory.

Read On Nook

Connect your Nook to your computer and copy the file with the  EPUB ending into the “My Documents” folder on your Nook.

Read On A a Sony Reader

Start the “eBook Reader” software. Drag the  EPUB from the list to the Sony’s Reader item on the left side of the screen.

How to listen to audiobooks to iPhone, iPod or iPad

After downloading all the  MP3s or extracting them from the  ZIP file onto your laptop or desktop computer, you can either use iTunes or one of these alternative options to move the MP3s to your device. Just follow the links for further instructions.

Alternatively, you can also stream the  MP3s directly from your account page (internet connection required).

How to listen to audiobooks to Android

After downloading all the  MP3 files or extracting them from the  ZIP file onto your laptop or desktop computer, connect your Android device to your computer and move them to the “Music” folder. The audiobook will then show up in your default media player. Advanced users can also unzip the archive directly on their phone and move the  MP3s to their music library by using a tool like ES File Explorer.

Alternatively, you can also stream the  MP3s directly from your account page (internet connection required).

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