A Mindful Guide to Online Living: Ditch 9-5, Declutter Your Life and Create Sustainable Value
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“This book over delivers on all counts, and maybe even Andre doesn’t realize it’s potential impact.” – Sylvia Guinan, edupreneur

“Thanks to Andre Klein, I’ve increased my awareness of how chaotic my life has become trying to balance my “self” with technology. It’s spurned a fast paced, crazy desire to learn technology while maintaining my identity and growing my business. A must read.” – Gigi Manawis, small business owner

“The Internet is getting faster and faster, the possibilities on the net are increasing rapidly. But are we really keeping pace? Are we really using the new technologies in a effective and healthy way? André Klein helps us finding answers to these questions.” – Till Ammelung

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Imagine you could work from anywhere in the world…

Imagine you could constantly get to know new people and unearth new business opportunities…

Imagine you could do all of this without overworking or wasting your life away in front of the screen…

This book is written for everyone that is seriously considering to leave his or her day job and make a home and a living on the Internet.

While the Exodus from a 9-5 job and the resulting necessity to find other sources of income is a central part of this book, the underlying motive is not to hoard money but create real value and (social) change.

This has nothing to do with a general “do-gooderism” or abstract and fuzzy philanthropy but is about highly targeted and focused service and support.


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