Education Is A Cow That Anyone Can Milk cover
Education Is A Cow That Anyone Can Milk
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Reviews & Praise “This book shoud be required reading for officials of the Ministry of Education.” – Erika Zeinerova “so easy to read and, at the same time, so profound!” – María Inés Brumana “very interesting and well-written” – Niklas Pedersen “easy and pleasurable reading” – Michael A. Gyori * * * The following text is a collection of short pieces about education, change and technology that originally appeared on the author’s blog and have been rearranged, improved, extended and polished here with the help of a dozen voluntary editors. (see “Special Thanks” for complete list of contributors) This text features topics such as youth unemployment, technology and learning, politics and psychology of education and much much more… from the disclaimer: “While there is an over-arching narrative, the arrangement of the sections is deliberately non-linear because the only way to accurately describe a fragmented landscape is to adopt an approach that suits the territory.” This Book Comes To You As An Indie Publishing Pack

  • 9,689 words on 47 formatted and coloured pages (PDF)
  • bookmarks for easy navigation through the book
  • also includes EPUB and MOBI version
  • instant digital download
This book comes as an Indie Publishing Pack including PDF, MOBI and EPUB.
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