Jewish Legends, Lore & Lullabies From The Treasure Trove Of Hebrew Tales cover
Jewish Legends, Lore & Lullabies From The Treasure Trove Of Hebrew Tales
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from the introduction:

Each and every culture lives and breathes stories to remember the past, to transmit its knowledge and wisdom to future generations. And, as Eli Wiesel once said, no other people have such a desire to remember like the Jews. The Hebrew Bible, without even mentioning its philosophical and metaphysical implications can simply be understood as a compilation of the greatest stories ever written – stories, that have inspired people all over the world up to this day. […]

The following stories have been taken from various Hebrew sources and were rewritten by the authors to make the riches of Hebrew storytelling more accessible for today’s readers. The selection of materials ranges from Midrashim (Bible commentaries and alternative narratives) to historical tales of figures such as Rabban Yohanan Ben Zakai to popular parables and allegories.

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This book comes as an Indie Publishing Pack including PDF, MOBI and EPUB.
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