Good German Grammar Guide: Konjugation, an Introduction to Basic Verb Conjugation
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Some people claim that German grammar is impossibly difficult. While it’s true that German grammar can seem complex, it all depends on the approach. The “Good German Grammar Guide” is a new way to learn German grammar. Instead of overwhelming you with hundreds of pages crammed with theories, rules and regulations, this guide leads you through the world of German grammar in small measured steps while throwing in some fun along the way.

Each guide is very short and focuses only one topic. The explanations are simplified so that even learners without previous grammar studies can effortlessly grasp core concepts. Navigation is enhanced through a clear structure, icons and illustrations to make reviewing and memorizing even easier.

Last but not least, at the end of each guide you’ll find a wide range of exercises in which you can test your knowledge, learn new words and experience the theory in action.

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