He is a grumpy old-fashioned flatfoot with an infallible instinct for catching killers, she’s a sassy sleuth and a cold sober markswoman. Get all the adventures of Kommissar Baumgartner and his colleague Kommissarin Katharina Momsen now and learn German effortlessly with special emphasis on idioms and natural language crammed with humor and suspense.

Complete Series Bundle

Baumgartner & Momsen Bundle

5 ebooks (EPUB, PDF, MOBI)
5 audiobooks (MP3 audio)
+ Flashcards (Anki/Quizlet) & more

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🔎 Quick Start Guide

What Level Are These Books?

This series is designed for intermediate learners starting around the B1/2 level. If you already understand German around familiar topics of daily life, aim to broaden your understanding across more complex topics (both concrete and abstract), and delve into more specialized vocabulary and idioms, these books are designed for you.

Do They Gradually Get More Difficult?

While the language itself doesn't necessarily get more difficult across the 5 episodes, the characters and the criminal cases are becoming increasingly more complex and involved as you read on.

Which Book Should I Read First?

For most learners we'd recommend to start with the first book Mord am Morgen which introduces the main protagonists and is also the shortest volume in the series. However, since each book deals with one specific case and tells a self-contained story, you can read these books in whichever order you prefer.

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